What's it like to work in Design at Lunalabs?

Designer Spotlight

¡Hola! Meet Roxy!

Her real name is Roxanna, but she is fondly referred to as Roxy. Coming from Guatemala, she works as a Graphic Designer at Lunalabs, and she loves what she does.

Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and a passion for website development, She tells us a little bit about her career path.

Her main area of expertise is Web Design, as she believes that “You can see a lot of a brand from their website, it is what really helps bring customers in.

Working at Lunalabs

“I really love to work at Lunalabs; first of all, I love the people I work with and the communication I have with them and my boss, even though we aren’t working together in the same space. We work and communicate really well together, making it fun to log in and cooperate.”

Roxy went on to say that she likes the flexibility of being able to manage her own time “I like that I can manage my own time, keeping in mind my projects and my due dates. It really helps with the pressure of having to get a big project done on time.”

A big part of being a designer is having contact with the client and roxy shared a little of her experience with that as well.

“I also really like that we have a lot of contact with our clients, and I can really get to know the brands that we work with. It helps the creative process, and it feels gratifying when a project is completed and the clients love their new designs.”

What's life like as a Nomadic Designer?

Being a nomadic Designer (Aka Digital Nomad) is being a designer that works for Lunalabs, but not at a central location or regional office. We use technology to do our jobs by working remotely and communicating over the internet, instead of actually being at an office in our headquarters.

Instead, you get to stay at home, work in a co-working space, or just sip some coffee at that lovely cafe down the street while you get that project done.

What has your experience as Nomadic Designer been?

“I really like to work at home, because I can work in a space that I am comfortable in, with no distractions. When I worked in an office, I felt like I would completely lose my focus when someone would come to talk to me. It is really important for me to be alone when I am working.”

Would you go back to working in an office?

“I would have to say no, working at home is so much easier and actually keeps me interested in my work. I wouldn’t want to go back to being uncomfortable.”

Design Tips

What tips would you give to an aspiring Graphic Designer?

“I would say that the most important thing is to stick to something you like because if you work on something you like, you will always do your best.”

Roxy Went on to explain how she tries to improve herself.

“And search a lot, always look for platforms or techniques that will help you do a better job."

And finally, What's your favorite part of being able to work at home?

"I get to take care of my two lovely dogs, they're almost 10 years apart in age, but they love each other" Dog Barks could be heard in the background.

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