Running a Small Business in times of COVID-19

Dear Business Owners,

Over the past few years, We've learned to love the community of small business owners that we call our most treasured customers. Through this community We've had the pleasure to meet hundreds of people trying to build innovative products to help consumers and businesses alike, from boutique hotels to small mom and pop stores. COVID-19 is hitting the companies that we love hard. I don't think anyone is now in any doubt that this will have a lasting impact, but entrepreneurs have a way of adapting and persevering, and we're here to help you do just that.

Lunalabs is committed to doing what we can to help those companies out there that are looking to innovate in this time of hardship. In an effort to live up to our mission, we are committed to helping our client communities through these changing times in the best way we know how -innovating with design.

Introducing the COVID-19 Small Business Package

We've created a special package at a reduced rate to support small businesses that are just migrating to an online business model.

The Small Business Package is focused on developing a concrete action plan to launch your brand online, including a landing page about your business.

This package includes:

●  A Landing page for your business

●  One Basic Domain

●  One year of hosting

●  Site Template Adaption & Implementation

●  Initial SEO Optimization


Expect website delivery within a maximum of 2 weeks after sign up


Starting at 1000 Euros with extended payment terms of 90 Days

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We've also extended a 25% discount to all our packages.

Whether you want to take this time rev up your marketing content or completely reinvent your entire brand, we've adapted all plans to include a 25% discount + extended payment terms until the end of the month of May by mentioning the code "UNITEDFORSMALLBUSINESS" on our contact form

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It is our hope that this package will help small businesses continue to grow and innovate through this challenging period.
Together, we'll bounce back.


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