Responsive logos, why they are important?

Imagine that when buying a shirt of your size and it didn't fit when you put it on, you couldn't use it, right? The same happens with logos; you can acquire a large, beautiful logo with many details, but viewing it on a smaller screen it compresses and is not appreciated. But my logo doesn't need any more changes! You may be claiming, do not worry, now we explain it in detail.

In this digital world, one version of the logo is not enough. You will see the logo on Huge screens, small screens like a tablet or smartphone, and even smaller screens like those of a smartwatch. It is no surprise that your clients may want to search for your brand in any of these formats. Besides, to be recognized, the logo needs an icon to be identified.  

Brands worldwide have joined the #responsivelogo trend and have done it excitingly; ahead, we show you some examples.

Walt Disney.

The first Walt Disney logo Created in 1937 it only consisted of one signature. It was not until 1985 that they introduced the castle and the characteristic arch that we know today. It is a memorable logo, yet it is overloaded. The solution? It seems simple, but it is not. Simplifying the logo until reaching the most essential of it is a complicated process. Notice how this famous company solved it:


The previous case was an adaptation to the historical logo before the currently known digital media. However, modern companies such as Skype, a brand created in 2003, also seek to develop responsive logos to promote their services and products.

In the case of Skype, we see how the name is simplified until they reach the icon that we popularly know.


The Heineken beer brand has a powerful printed presence, so it's full version logo is reasonable to attract attention at the supermarket. However, turning the entire logo into a social media profile photo or app store icon is too tricky. Notice how they have simplified it to a simple but indistinguishable icon:

Now that you've seen these cases, are you ready to make the switch and ask for your logo adaptations?


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