A Digital Nomad's guide to working from home

While remote work comes as second nature to us we know it isn’t that way for everyone. In the wake of the declaration that COVID-19 (Coronavirus)  has been classified as a worldwide pandemic; Remote work is being used as a tool for preventing further transmission whenever possible. 

For some, remote work may be exactly what they’ve dreamed of, but transitioning from an office to remote life isn’t the easiest change to make. Many of our creatives made that transition when joining the Lunalabs team and together we’ve learned what works best for our team and we hope these tips help keep you happy and productive while working remotely.

Keep your calendar up to date

Maintaining an organized calendar is an important working habit, especially when working remotely. It will keep you focused, and remind you of any upcoming deadlines.

It will help when communicating with co-workers - allowing people to grab a slot in your calendar for a meeting or a chat. Remember to build your schedule with breaks and meals in mind, to break up your work day.

Maintain a Routine

Write a to do list in the morning and check it at lunch and in the afternoon to see what you’ve completed, and what you have left.

Make sure to schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep your exercise schedule as well - staying Healthy is important! So find your own routine, and your days will feel seamless.

Avoid frustration by alternating work-spaces

Don’t stick to one place when you work, because you’ll grow tired of it really quickly. Instead, try changing your working space once in a while. If you can, find two or three places in your home/apartment where you can work interchangeably, making sure to alternate between them during the day/week.

Make places that you go to for relaxation and recreations, a no go zone for working. Never work where you sleep, and try your best not to sleep where you work (coffee helps!); Keeping these places separate will create separate associations for these spaces, making the division of work and play possible.

Keep your camera on

When you’re working with others, get used to keeping your camera on. When others can see you, it’s easier to get ideas across and to avoid any misunderstandings. Keeping your camera on also encourages you to stay presentable, and to create relationships with people. It’s easier to empathize when you can actually see the person you’re talking to.

It creates accountability too,reminding team members to pay attention during calls instead of lounging around or absentmindedly browsing on their phones. Even over the internet, face to face interaction is of vital importance.

Get out of those PJ's!

We know that staying in your PJ's all day is tempting but we've learned that it sends the wrong signal to your brain. Give your brain the right signals and dress to impress, even if there isn’t anyone at home to impress but yourself. If you look good, you’ll feel good and that goes a long way.

So get up and get dressed in clothes you’d wear in public. but don’t feel obligated to wear anything formal (unless that’s your thing!). Wearing appropriate clothes during work times, and pajamas strictly on the weekend and on holidays, will keep a boundary between your time and work time.


When working remotely, there can never be too much communication. Keeping everyone in contact and communicating information all the time is vital. Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow co-workers questions or just say hi.

Hop on to as many video calls as you can, to keep yourself and your co-workers updated not just on work, but also on how everyone is  doing personally. Write down everything important that you’ve done in a place where everyone can see, so you’re all on the same page. 

Even though you’re sitting by yourself somewhere, you’re still part of a team, and expanded communication makes it feel like everyone is there, with you working alongside them. Technology has granted us many ways to communicate, making achieving that feeling - that spirit -  possible. 

Let us know if any of these tips work for you, or if you have more advice for remote team.


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