How your hotel’s brand can make or break your business

If you think of a hotel brand, you probably think of big hotel chains and well-known logos.

However, not branding should not be exclusive to chains; all existing lodging businesses, from small boutique establishments to large, all-inclusive hotels, have a brand, whether they know it or not.

And while you may be aware that a logo is essential, you also know that as the base of your brand knows, it is a complicated piece to conceive.

That's why your logo is one of the essential features, and it must be easy to remember and identify. This is quite literally the first thing people see about you online, and it is what your image will be associated with, but it isn’t the only part of your brand that matters.

What is a hotel's brand?

Your brand is much more than your name or logo. We have to include everything from your hotel's personality and values to the perceptions, notions, and experiences of your customers.

It represents who you are, what you believe in, and how you want to be seen.

So spending time designing your hotel brand could be the most important thing you do and one of the first phases where you need to have the best professionals around.  

So let's start by evaluating and recognising the importance of our brand.

Your brand is much more than your name or logo. We have to include everything from your hotel's personality and values to the perceptions, notions, and experiences of your customers.

Why is branding so important to the hospitality sector?


With the advancement of online and offline technologies, the whole world is your market. Still, you have to be attractive, get noticed to stand out from the crowd of competitors, and thus be able to position yourself and your brand in a high place in the industry.

Branding in the hospitality industry can increase recognition, so customers can create a visual link to your business if they have seen your logo or heard about your hotel and are attracted to your logo.

According to recent research, people prefer to associate with organisations with a credible and reputable brand rather than those that do not have one or are not attractive.


A social media presence will help you build status, and having your brand recognized and found appealing is a great asset.

Customers don't just stay at your property to have a place to sleep anymore, and they share their experiences online. If you have a brand that’s “Instagramable”, you will transform customers into brand ambassadors that freely advertise your business because of the connection they’ve made to your brand, Making your brand credible and adding confidence in your service.

Therefore, communications must be consistent, thoughtful, and personalised to create a bond with your customers. This can increase brand loyalty and make the difference between gaining or losing guest approval, so building your brand strategy towards this end goal is vitally important.


In a busier world than ever before, most people don't bother to think about a good brand. This is where our company comes in, and we have the responsibility to ensure that your brand captures attention by perfectly reflecting the essence of your hotel.

Every hotel needs to have a credible face, and the brand becomes the face that attracts your potential audience; it will appear at all the points in your customer journey and help you earn their trust and business. Building brand identity and brand story are undoubtedly some of the most effective ways to spread the good news about your business.

That's why turning prospects into guests and guests into ambassadors is the key to hotel success, and it's nearly impossible to achieve without great branding.


Giving customers enough of a reason to feel that your hotel interests them will motivate them from being undecided to actual guests. According to research, this is a fundamental point: it is emotions, not logic, that drives a person to become a buyer of a service.

As emotional creatures, humans like ideas, stories, concepts, and even products that touch that coveted emotional nerve in them. By building an emotional brand that connects and resonates with your audience, you can optimize the development of brand loyalty and create lifelong guests.


According to Google Small Business, only 5% of word-of-mouth conversations occur online, while 82% occur face-to-face. Your branding is an excellent way to influence your customers' face-to-face discussions. Give them something memorable to talk about.

Investing in a compelling and clear brand experience will amplify your happy guests' impact and provide you with a fantastic ROI.

How can you create a unique hotel brand?

After talking about how important the visualisation of our brand and the results we can get with it, we want to tell you the steps that companies should take to get an excellent brand, essential steps that we use to create logos for our clients.

Preparation is a fundamental key.

A great idea or concept is what a designer will start with when creating the logo design your hotel needs.

On the one hand, if you have not defined what you want your hotel to be and how to communicate your message, you will have to teach the designer how to identify your target customers.

That's why preparation is vital. And both processes, the creation of your corporate identity and the design of your logo, go hand in hand. Think that your logo will represent what kind of hotel you are and who might want to book a room. Your designer must make sure that your logo will be distinctive, practical, and effective by meeting the following features:

Simple. This allows your logo to be recognisable, that is, easy to identify within your entire brand.

Memorable. If your logo clearly symbolizes what your hotel brand represents, the relationship between both will be remarkable.

Timeless. Although you may renew it over time, your logo must be accurate and adapted to current trends and consumer preferences.

Versatile. You will have to take into account both the color and the font of the text and be functional according to where you need to work with it.

Appropriate. Your logo must be created to fulfill its purpose: to symbolize your hotel's brand according to its potential guests' preferences.

Search for trends among consumers.

Since your hotel logo is often the first impression your prospective customer will have, you should make sure you know trends within your industry. Today's consumers are oversaturated with branding -be on- trend but stand out. You want your hotel brand to be different, of course. Therefore, you must choose whether you want your hotel logo to be timeless or whether you want it to adapt to the current trend.

Therefore, whether you create a typographic, iconographic, or combined logo, it must take into account these logo trends:

Monoline logos consist of solid, simple lines, creating icons and drawings that will define your hotel's brand in a minimalist and effective way.

Handmade logos mainly for those hotels that adapt elegant calligraphies for their typographic logos that convey elegant and artistic values.

Vintage logos that appear in themed hotels and other tourism-related businesses that want their brand to be allied with a more artistic and nostalgic image.

Negative space logos for those modern but minimalist hotels that make consumers feel more comfortable with black and white designs that can also be creative.

Reproducibility is your best friend.

Now, it is essential that your designer takes into account the applications of your logo. As we said before, your logo must be versatile, among other things, because it is the most visual aspect of your hotel brand. So, in the name of reproducibility, your designer should consider:

  1. Avoiding fragile lines that will be reduced to nothing in small sizes and excessive use of details will compromise its application.
  2. Having consistent white space or negatives will make your logo legible, clear, and easy to identify.
  3. Creating other versions to reproduce shaded logos. While they work well in digital media, they are not as good in print, such as textiles.
  4. Including an inverted logo or a simple version of a color to ensure that it will always have a visible application in other scenarios.
  5. Having an appropriate color palette, if necessary, that fits not only the values of the hotel but what it will represent to your potential customers.

Now, you are ready to modify your brand identity!

We can help you create a winning hotel brand strategy; it's time to adapt to digital trends, social media, consider Millennial/Gen Z preferences, economic challenges, and the constant pace of technological innovation.

Take your brand seriously, invest time and resources to build it, and bring it to life because it is a major contributing factor in your revenue growth, attracting top talent, increasing guest retention rates, and increasing your media presence. It may be the most important thing you can do for your business in 2021.

If you'd like help taking your brand to the next level, contact us HERE.

We’ll make sure you have a winning brand that will help you stay competitive in 2021.


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