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About Us

Your Brand is more than what people see, it’s how you make them FEEL



Our mission statement is simple, yet it reflects the core of what we believe here at Lunalabs: to implement Great Design for each of our clients, on time and on budget.


Great design is great for business. Ultimately it increases your value, boosts sales, raises loyalty and gives your company a face customers can rely on. We believe the only way to achieve Great Design is to integrate ourselves into your team because it is all about utilizing shapes, textures, space, forms, images, fonts and content in a harmonious and balanced way that fits your story and your needs.

At Lunalabs, we question assumptions and think differently in order to breathe life into new and existing brands. We strive to form an integral part of your team. We focus on unified design and provide unparalleled attention to detail, because the real difference between a good brand and a great brand is all in the details.

Our Founders

Kristy M. Espat

Co-Founder & CEO

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David J. K. Tofan

Co-Founder & Innovation Alchemist

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